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I Phones abound and so there are more Jah Man vidoes coming...


This is a video of some crazy Belizean Rivers and an equally crazy crew of Belizean boaters to match.




Downlaod Macal Madness(37.3MB)

Ok so the latest video is taken from runs all in the Macal river drainage in the Cayo district of Belize, over the last year.


This is a classic music video put together by good friend Jamie Moffett, check out more of his fine video production works at www.jamiemoffett.com


Below are adventures documented and put together by myself:

Also see http://www.youtube.com/user/jeskarper


These videos are .mov files that can be downloaded and played on any Quicktime movie player on your computer.

I call this low res video project Aquatic Adventures films. More recent video projects are posted at the top here. Stay tuned for a slightly higher quality version on DVD. email: video@jeskarper.org


NW Whitewater

I have been living up in Oregon for the summer guiding whitewater rafts on the Clackamas and other rivers in the area. While up here I have been fortunate enough to meet up with lots of boaters and run some really crazy northwest creeks. I was able to get footage on a few and now post them as individual runs below, check them out...

UU Cispus

Upper Upper Cispus(21.8MB) : this class V creek in southern Washington was an amazing run with lots of chalenging boulder gardens as well as three falls, one of which is a 30 footer called teh Behemoth. i ran this with Jim and Alex. Background music in this video is provided by my good friends and fellow travelling musicians in the band Kan'Nal check them out and hear more of their music at www.kannal.org

Green Truss(31.9MB) : This is some great footage of my friends Tim and Matt R2ing a raft down this classic section of the White Salmon River in southern WA. The green truss is a classic creeking run, that is seldom rafted, and very few rafts attempt the biggest drop called Big Brother, so check this out ...


Belize Footage

Using a dry box, my friend Lars and I have been taking our digital cameras out on the river runs we are doing, and whoever is holding the rescue/throw rope position is usually recording the action on camera as well. I have small bits of other adventures and recording sessions thrown in to mix it up.

Here are some sequences from the video.... below is my favorite drop on the Sibun River, I call it 'Behind the Giant Falls' because you first have a 2-3 day trek to get anywhere near this area which is behind a mountain known as the Sleeping Giant.

To speed up a portage around the class 6 granite falls on the Macal, I found this cliff to boof off of (below)..... I am still not sure which is the safer route.

Download: Aquatic Adventures 2004-05 (36MB)

This is a compiliation of 2004-2005 aquatic adventures, it is volume 1 and 2 compiled together with some new footage as well. if you want a smaller file, try volume 1 or 2 down below, or check back soon for a few small clips that I am working up.

Most of the footage is of kayaking in Belize, including an expedition from the mountaintops above the Sibun River Gorge, which ended up being two days of scaling down huge cliffs and waterfalls with our kayaks on belay, and then two more days of floating hundreds of rapids back out to civilization. We also went through some cave systems on the Caves Branch River in our boats and got some good pics and footage then. As we keep gathering more video footage, we can also see our kayaking skills improve, particularly on some of the bigger drops.

Aquatic Adventures Vol.1 (46.5MB)

Aquatic Adventures Vol.2 (16MB)

Still more to come from our 2004-05 adventures, so stay tuned! and do let me know if any of you are successfull at downloading and or watching these videos on your own machines. Also I have higher resolution versions that fit on CDROM if you are interested contact me.


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