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2009 CFMGPNW Tour Dates!

OK, the summer 2009 Campfire and Farmers Markets of the Great Pacific NorthWest Tour is upon us: email or call with tips or leads on underground gampfire jams, locally grown organic markets and cafes or forest gatherings of artists and musicians and elves and magicians.

06/06/09 11am-2pm @ Hood River Saturday Market, Hood River, Oregon

06/06/09 10-11pm @ June Bug Jamboree Festival, Columbia Gorge, Oregon

07/19/09 1-2pm @ King Farmers Market, NE Portland, OR


Yep! thats for real, you can pass me your email to stay up to date on the latest happenings with my music and other adventures  


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Mobile Recording Studio

For better downloading and more information on the songs on this page, I am linking it up to soundclick where you can download mp3 files of my songs this may take awhile as internet connections are quite sporadic for me down here, but all of my songs are currently posted at the bottom of this page as well. Eventually the soundclick page will provide more information such as lyrics and pictures, and also provides a quicker download for you, so check it out...

go to Jes Karper's soundclick page

below are some projects that are underway with the mobile recording studio...

Gales Point African Percussion and Cultural Roots Music Project

Gales Point Manatee is a small comunity located in the coastal area of central Belize on a mile long strip of land that juts out into the Southern Lagoon. Emmeth Young and family operate the Maroon Creole Drum School and Coconut Campground near the tip of the peninsula. Emmeth (known in the village as Methos) has taught me how to carve and skin drums and play rhythms that have been passed down through the generations in his village. We are working together on recording some of the songs from the village, with the help of his drum teacher, Mr. Irvin. Emmeth has been learning ancient West African Drum Rhythms from african drummasters and teaching them as well, and he is the leader of the drum ensamble Tallawalla Vibrations which incorporates the Maroon Creole rhythms and the more recently learned African styles to put on an excellent show. So check out this NEW ALBUM!!!!!!! which has tracks recorded by Tallawalla Vibrations as well as solo work by Methos and some old sambai and brukdown songs from Gales Point's elder drum teacher, Mr. Irvin. The songs are downloadable below, we will try and set up a soundclick site for the maroon Creaole Drum School soon, so stay tuned, and if you want to reach Emmeth you can email him at methos_drums@hotmail.com

Manatee Songs and Rhythms:

Manatee Man (original Gales Point song performed by Tallawalla Vibrations)

Makuru (West Aftican Rythm with a Maroon Creole Song by Methos)

Joli (West African rhythm performed by Methos)

Sambai (traditional song and rhythm performed by Tallawalla Vibrations)

Brukdown gon can find (traditional song performed by Mr. Irving)

Manatee Punta ( traditional style performed by Tallawalla Vibrations)

Kpanlogo (West African rhythm performed by Methos)

Kuku (West African rhythm performed by Tallawalla Vibrations)

Sambai in a beli (traditional song performed by Mr. Irving and Methos)

Brukdown amor (traditional song performed by Mr. Irving)

Soli (West African rhythm performed by Tallawalla Vibrations)

Brukdown (traditional song and rhythm performed by Tallawalla Vibrations)

Methos Solo (funky rhythm)

Brukdown send me your pillow (traditional song performed by Mr. Irving)

Sambai (traditional song performed by Mr. Irving and Methos)

Stay tuned for more village music in the future...

Other Mobile Recording Studio Projects include laying down some hip hop and reggae tracks from the local lyricists. and also getting an album together for the local Mariachis. so teh styles varry and i will keep mixing it up by recording my various takes on life in some songs I have written, so check this out...

Songs written and recorded by Jes Karper

These are some tunes I have written in my travels and experiences, which have carried me to many amazing, inspiring, and eye-opening places and encountered many awesome, couragous, interesting, and encouraging people(s). The list of songs below begins with addressing the system and the many problems which are arising through its fasaud of democracy and its perpetuation of Plutocracy which is the ruling of the rich over the poor.(ie:Big Corporations siezing power over everyone and everything else on the planet. As you move down the list, there is a transition to subjects of more humor and life experience as well as encouragment and contemplation. I think I have the links set so that you can download the mp3 audio files, absolutely FREE!!!...Please feel free to give any of these tunes radio play or pass them along with this web site to your friends...and foes...to all those who have ears, let them hear!

Songs to The System...Songs to the People

My Country Tis of Thee

Chant Down the Walls

Hey Corporation!

Reparar la Mente

Culculkan is Coming

Land of the Free?


Close Encounter With theThird Kind


Dancing Wild


I'm a Gringo from the North Country

Broken Down Blues

Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands Look

The Bug Song

Maximus Factsfrus

Belt Sander Blues

Always Lovin' You

Time Stood Still

!New Track!

Alone...All One

hey if you like any of this music feel free to throw some donations into my virtual guitar case

For the latest recordings of the Mobile Recording Studio, or to pass on any comments, Please write to music@jeskarper.org

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