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Jes's Thatch at Good Livin' Ranch, Camalote Village, Belize

Thatch Sweet Thatch, with some help from village experts, I used reject 12 foot telephone pole sections for posts and the rest of teh stick came from the nearby bush. My van pulls underneath to provide a kitchen and a few extra beds.

I floored off the rafters with reject lumber and left a hole for the top of my van to pop up through, and I made the end walls to fold down with a system of pulleys and sandbags to make a portch outside at loftlevel.

Here's the downstairs drum workshop, that's my friend anthony skinning up his first drum, he has since carved up 3 or 4 more.

Some Hammocks and big pillows as well as a matress hanging on a rope weave makes for a good hangout/ jamout spot upstairs

I am working on a backyard garden down below, and the solar panel is moved off of my van when it is docked in the thatch and an extention cable keeps it connected to the deep cell battery that runs all the extra electricals in my van.

I have also been collecting lots of tropical plants some medicinals and some just beautiful flower producers like this Angels Trumpet


A few more pics to show how the van fits in its place and the wall folding down on teh pully rope. and that is me and my Dad out on the porch.


Many Many thanks to the Rahm clan and their good friend Ulrich who live in Germany and has graciously allowed me to build a thatch on his land. I am working on setting up an office space in a nearby concrete building, so stay tuned for pictoral updates on that.

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