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Jes Karper

Singer, Songwriter, Naturalist, River Guide, Conservation Mapbuilder, Environmental Educator

The Adventure Continues...

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Oh yeah sweet Music!

I am always open to suggestions of places to play, be it festivals, living rooms, cafés or Back yard campfires! Feel Free to download a bio or request a full press kit here . or just email me at music@jeskarper.org

New music projects are in the works, any donations or music purchases go towards the artistic cause and will go a long way towards manifesting some new sounds for the peoples...

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Yep! thats for real, you can pass me your email to stay up to date on the latest happenings with my music and other adventures  


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This is a music player you can scroll down and find most of the music that I have online right now. Go to the soundclick page for more song info.

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You can also directly support my art by passing this web site along to anyone you know who is interested in independent folk music and ramblin' stringpluckin' poets like myself. Also you can donate to my projects directly using the virtual tip jar button below, Thanks!

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Promoters, Booking Agents and Venues: Thanks for your interest, Please click here to download my Bio and send an email to press@jeskarper.org to request a full press kit. (both hard copy and electronic versions available)
2011 Tour Dates!

Check in with me about playing in your neighborhood. Email me at: music@jeskarper.org

Stay tuned ... to the fire... :)

For Venue details, click on this link for more details soundclick.

Also if you know of places to help me fill in my tour dates, please contact me with information on dates and venues and I will send out press kit info to those spots. I would love to open for any bands or play festival side stages so any feedback from you would be much appreciated, Thanks!


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Please Sign up for my email list by sending a message to music@jeskarper.org

type 'add to mailing list' in the subject line and let me know your zip code so i can email you when i am going to play nearby. thanks!

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These guys are helping me get started with some Merchendise to go along with my CDs introducing the new Try On Life T-Shirts!!!

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Jes Karper - Try On Life

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Skating a bowl in the northwest

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